Saddle Pad Monogram - Heat Transfer

Saddle Pad Monogram - Heat Transfer


4"-5" wide (varies on style)

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Application Instructions

Iron the item BEFORE placing the image on the shirt. (DO NOT USE STEAM when ironing or applying vinyl.) This removes any wrinkles from the item & removes any excess moisture. Allow the fabric to cool down completely before continuing to the next step.

Remove clear film applied to ship and expose sticky side.

Apply the image (sticky side down) to the cooled down item. Be sure that there are no wrinkles in the vinyl or in the clear backing material.
(Now is when you get the image exactly where you want it).
Preheat the iron to its’ highest setting (305-320) (usually cotton).  

Place the preheated iron on  over the vinyl image. PRESS DOWN for 10 – 20 seconds. DO NOT MOVE THE IRON AROUND. Pick up the iron and repeat this step over any remaining areas. It’s ok to overlap if necessary.

Remove the iron & SLOWLY remove the clear backing material. This can be done warm or cool. If any part of the iron on vinyl lifts off, repeat the steps above until you can peel off the clear backing without lifting up the vinyl.

Wash inside out & tumble dry as usual.

NOT ALL FABRICS CAN BE IRONED. PLEASE CHECK THAT YOUR FABRIC CAN BE IRONED BEFORE ADDING DECAL. This vinyl is recommended for 100% cotton, 100% polyester, leather, or a cotton/poly blend. 

ABT is not responsible for any damage done while ironing on your decals.